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friday shows the community very concerned about vishlgs people beginning to take action to reduce violence in this city. >> oakland mayor says she's hoping to hold another buy back soon because many people showed up on saturday, they ran out of money. >> there was just enough rain z÷ umbrellas open and puddle dodging going on near union square this afternoon. sandhya patel is here now to let us know. >> i would hang onto it. live doppler 7 hd showing you we do have showers left, really host of these winding down. there is mountain view area is just starting to wind down. now, into5u route 88 and 4. 80 not requiring controls, winter storm warning is going until midnight tonight. so just keep that in mind. couple more inches expected so xm inches have fallen. and there will be more coming. so more storms dmu this week. when will you need umbrellas? what will christmas eve look like? >> thank you very much. with proliferation of home solar systems, warn goinging out about cold snap sandhya is talking about. cracked pipes are a possibility. abc 7 news is live in san jose to explain w
way professor co-authored prop 209, ending affirmative action preferences in public sector. >> you're asking taxpayers to subsidize people here illegally. i i that this is the wrong way to go. >> some people just feel if anyone didn't go through the proper process, that they don't belong here. that is a view i can't do anything about that. these are talented people. and in the current era we cannot afford to waste this talent. >> and chancellor has also created the middle class access fund which offers grants to middle class families and a program helping former foster kids attending uc berkeley. in his words, we'll continue to protect the middle class and our most-disadvantaged students. >> thank you very much.ípu this is a devicive topic, you can join join by going to 7 news to tell us how you feel. >> the governor is working on a law reducing the number of undocumented immigrants deported. according to california watch, the governor met with the sheriff association to talk and this law would allow them to hold people just for criminal charges not immigration s
changed tactics. >> if there is a violent incidents ongoing, active shooter we make immediate action. we know that lives are at stake. if there is immediacy, our 8ht:sb to gather and engage. >> as schools chief says, single most effective security measure of all is awareness that, is what they tell students. if you notice something, tell an adult. call 911. thank you. >> schools around the bay trying to help students and staff deal with this tragedy n union city, school district officials consoled each other. one psychologist figuring older kids were likely to learn about the connecticut shooting through social media. she also helped to craft an e mail to go staff and teacher as cross the district. >> look for in students that might, this might have a big impact on wh. to refer them for services. >> in oakland, administrators say they're trying to give out information without drama tiesing it and trying to reassure students they have many people looking out for them. >> so, once again air, shooting massacre rekindling long running debate in this country, being talked about with renewed v
the ball in the court and says the house will take action on whatever the senate can pass. the president has spoken to senate and house leaders from both parties but had no plans to meet with congressional leaders tonight or tomorrow. >> three people have filed a federal lawsuit against city of san francisco arks kusing the police department of conducting illegal searches. this occurred at the henry hotel. saying police officers entered room was a master key provided by the hotel, then, began searching through personal belongings without warrants or just cause. thist@2p is camera footage of te searches by public defender last year. the suit filed by civil rights attorney john buress naming four officers. >> a slew of new laws set to hit the books january 1 from new rules on the road to sales tax increases for sm.=i=r? we're live to preview some of the new rules and laws. nannette? californians taxes will go up in just a few days. the income tax will go up for high earners and sales tax going up for everyone. >> shoppers still getting their fill with after christmas sale buzz sales tax wi
whether they'll review the legality. the high court did not take action on several cases involving u.s. defense of marriage act. the high courts next conference to consider pending appeals is this friday. >> the oscar grant case is in court today again. he was a shot in 2009. attorneys for other officers involved in this shooting are appealing a ruling they're not immune from liability in the family's civil suit against bart. the jury found mezery guilty. >> the head of san francisco muni has a plan to appease critics of the controversial central subway project. the muni chief wants tochl tend the line through china town, north, and into north beach as you can see on the map. he wants a station built at old pagoda theater. residents have been vocal. the current plan calls for tunneling to extend into the area so drilling can be used to excavate and be brought to the surface. he says the extension depends on funding for project. >> coming up takeout containers could get the squeeze in one city. >> and royal buzz over the reason the duchess of cambridge is in the hospital. it's a condi
, so far this year. 17 pedestrians have been killed in action. the district attorney announced that a new campaign would be kicked off called don't rush. urging to drive with caution during the holidays. >> thank you. >> police are investigating yet another incident. a parent spotted the device around 1:00 this after the in. classes had been dismissed for the day. the school was on lock down. free, police arrested two teen-aged boys. >> a frightening accident overnight involving two men in a laundry delivery truck. the truck burst into flames after hitting a power pole around 3:30 this morning. the men jumped from the tuck surrounded by live wires. authorities say the driver is a volunteer firefighter. the accident happened in front of the alameda county juvenile hall. 35 juveniles were evacuated. >> police are investigating a double shooting in the same neighborhood where a man was shot to death saturday night. sky 7>í4' was where the two men were shot this morning. both men expected to recover. block way from where the 34-year-old was shimd knox arrests been made. have not
action during a domestic violence incident in a friend's house in san bruno. she ran to a neighbor's house to call 911. >> what's your name? >> i am at my friend and my -- my friend's mom is -- [inaudible]. >> that was skyler pomeroy. she received a local 911 hero award t. helped to keep a tense situation from getting worse. >> my friend had gotten thrown to the ground and she broke her ankle. i saw her mom getting choked out. so i ran down the tears and to the neighbor's and they -- they said i could use their phone. >> the 911ach dispatcher from bo who answered the call was also honored at the ceremony. what a brave young girl. >> in the abc7 newsroom, coming up new at 6:00, a new chapter in the sex and drug scandal. the iteam on her effort to get clean and her troubled lover's text. and holiday shopping help. a list of 25 web sites with cool gifts under $25. the hobit is here, but find out why abc7's dawn sanchez was not happy about when he saw in the highly anticipated film. that's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. >> we want to thank those of you for making abc7's share your ho
. >>> this is "world news." tonight, call for change. the president promising fast action to stop an epidemic of gun violence. >> i will use all the powers of this office to help advance efforts aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> and tonight, we hear from people on the other side, who believe the way to defend children is to arm their teachers. >>> holiday headache. as millions of americans begin their holiday travel, a blizzard is on a collision course. creating 50-mile-per-hour winds and delays. >>> prison break.
: instapgram has triggered a class action lawsuit. the claim was filed against facebook that owns the service. infagram that changed its terms of service. idea was abandoned after an outcry from users. lawsuit alleged they breached the contract with users in tweak that go policy. facebook has not responded to the suit. >> dan: a new requirement that forces california lawmakers to drive their own cars for legislative business is paying off. they report the state has saved $240,000, n taxpayer money since the new rule went into effect one year ago. california lawmakers were given a car paid by the state. this year that practice ended. they must drive their own cars, the savings was achieved because many legislators cut their driving habits in half. >> carolyn: big television screens are, of course, the rage these days. if you have ever tried to move one. this is truly a job that needs a lot of muscle and a lot of care. >> dan: one bay area woman says her tv stopped working after it was moved even though there were no damage. >> shirley bought this tv last january especially for her mom. 55 inch
clinch the everybody action -- afc north. the giants are still alive but need a lot of health. >> cowboys and saints, tony romo, hits miles austin in the end zone. cowboys scored two tds in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees, also luck here in o.t. colston fumbles to the dallas 2-yard line. saints then kick the game-winner. cowboys can still make the playoffs. saints are out but win in o.t. >> cowboys need to win next week every the red cowboys, washington facing the eagles, rg3 rhode. redskins i can clinch with wayne over dallas next week. >> the nfc has three spots open with six teams vying for the final three spots next weekend, and the niners kick off right about now. >> ama: the rain is on the move. here's a live look at doppler 7 hd. you can see a wide range of you can see a wide range of showers tipping at this hour. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here,
people will be willing to turn in guns. the mayor urges congress to also take action and soon. >> cities and states but join with the federal government to do everything we can as quickly as we can. to keep our community safe. and to get deadly weapons off the streets. >> the mayor started that buy back about three years ago has been credited with taking weapons off the streets. >> the feds denied california's request to be exgrempt a key education law. state department of education was hoping to win a reprieve from no child left behind. the law punishes schools and districts if not enough students are proficient and n.english and math. 6,000 schools have been labeled as failing. the state argued the schools are being required to send sed aside funding for outside tutoring program autos "los angeles times" publish aid list unlike any other including thousands of confidential files of expected sex abuse within the boy scouts. the map posted online includes names of the alleged abusers and a copy of the original scouts report. the victims names do not appear. the boy scouts kept files for
the american people. >> the hour for immediate action is here. >> just four days until taxes go up for all americans. tonight, what you're telling washington. >>> not again, a giant storm on the move tonight, tracking where and when it will hit. >>> scare at sea, the cruise ship nightmare unfolding, the captain who warned the passengers ahead of time, but it didn't work. >>> and at last. ♪ at last >> the american greats we lost this year. ♪ moon river >> the lasting gifts and the laughs they leave behind. >> everything you do, do it cool. stan
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12